En personlig hyllning till min älskade pappa Kaj

Smile med Charlie Chaplin är en av världens bästa melodier. Budskapet är enkelt men fantastiskt och hjälper oss verkligen att ratta in tanken på det som är rätt och lätt, även i det svåra. 

Dagens wellnesstips får blir en personlig hälsning och hyllning från mig till min älskade pappa som har somnat in efter sina 99 år på jorden. Han var pianist rakt igenom hela livet och alltid med musiken levande i hans goda och kärleksfulla hjärta.

Här vill jag dela med mig av hans sista toner här på jorden. Det är total och vacker kärlek (även fast hans hörsel var så dålig att han bara kunde hörde musiken inom sig när han spelade)

Dagens mer personliga wellnesstips från mig är att hylla, värna om och älska våra nära och kära varje dag, här och nu, alltid. Så även dig själv. Var din egen bästa vän.



Another star, hero and angel has joined heaven. RIP my wonderful and magic father, Kaj. You spent 99 years on earth with a force of life called a miracle in so many times. People just loved you and so did I and all of your loved ones. You made a difference in this world and I learned so much about living and loving thanks to you.

Alltid med glimten i ögat

You were a pianist throughout your entire life and I will share his last moments by the piano with all of you today. Autumn leaves, Satin Doll and Over the rainbow were just some of your favourite songs to play.

You were music and love. You were magic and light. You were hope and joy. Your blue eyes were the best place to rest. And you could always bring a smile to everybody’s face. Your humour was amazing and the two words you used the most were: amazing and wonderful.

You had a way to ALWAYS AND ONLY see the good in everything and in all moments of life. That ability is a skill in health and wellness like no words can explain.

You were and always will be my hero, my dad, my friend and my inspiration. Thank you for being the best dad ever. Thank you for never giving up. When you were young you were also a boxer and a champion. You did a great last round and this time you said ”I am ok. I am done” You called out for my mother and asked her to come and ”pick you up”.

You looked at me and said ”I will love you til the end of my life”. You fell a sleep and somewhere there in your dreams you found you peace and new path. And the morning came. And your were on your way to eternity…

The angels will have the best music to listen to. And now you and mother are finally united once again.

Marina och Kaj = true love forever

I love you both. Until the next moon and til we meet again.

Thank you for being a miracle in so many ways.

I will miss you more than words can ever say.

RIP my dear dad. You were loved…. and will always be. I love you so.

I am proud to be your daughter.


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